Family Eye Care of Georgia offers the following services for your eyes.

Eye exams are the first step for every patient.  This is when the doctors exams the entire eye and checks it for general eye health.  During the examination he also determines if you need corrective lenses to help you see clearly.

Glasses are the most common product used to correct any visual problems.  We have a large selection of frames from which to choose the right pair for you.  We will assist you in selecting a frame that fits you well so you can look your best and see your best.

Contact lenses are a step beyond glasses for those who wish to see without the use of glasses all the time, such as in sports. The doctor will fit you in the contact lenses and make sure they are fitting the eye well.  Contacts are not usually the only visually corrective device you will need.  Contact lenses should not be over worn or it could cause some discomfort to the eye.  Glasses will still be needed by most people to prevent over wearing their contacts.

To ensure good eye health and vision, we are very proud to offer the following services:

If you have any questions about eye exams, eye lasses or contacts, please call us today at (912) 489-6655.